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Are you feeling legendary? Become part of BJD history by designing your very own DollHearts outfit! 

To celebrate DollHearts’ 20th anniversary, we are holding a once-in-a-lifetime design competition. The 'Elegant Legend' designs have been submitted and the votes have been cast - thank you to everyone who participated! keep scrolling to find out who our final winner is!

And the Winners are...

'Delicate Fragrance' by @lollyonfire

Votes: 129 (16.4%)

'Elegant Symphony' by @thefrogmart

Votes: 123 (15.6%)

'Ruffled Elegance' by

Votes: 120 (15.3%)

The Final Votes!

Untitled by @aino.kulu

Votes: 85 (10.8%)

'Legend of Roses' by @slimeederee

Votes: 41 (5.2%)

'Lamb's Dream' by @cottoncandy_carousel_

Votes: 61 (7.8%)

'Ruffled Elegance' by

Votes: 120 (15.3%)

'Rising Star' by @seiji606_

Votes: 112 (14.2%)

'Elegant Symphony' by @thefrogmart

Votes: 123 (15.6%)

'Delicate Fragrance' by @lollyonfire

Votes: 129 (16.4%)

Untitled by @moemoe_diary

Votes: 40 (5.1%)

'Refined Deviance' by @xi.dolls

Votes: 75 (9.5%)

The Prizes:

The 3 winners will receive the following: 

1. A DollHearts outfit designed by the winner.

2. A certificate signed by the DollHearts design team.

3. The opportunity to have the design released as a limited edition DH outfit. This outfit will be available for pre-order later in the year for DollHearts customers. 

4. $100 USD cash coupon.

Terms & Condtions:

Participants must carefully read and agree to the following terms before voting.

1. In Submitting your vote, you agree that DollHearts may, from time to time, send you new product and feature announcements, marketing materials and promotional offers via email. You may opt-out of such communication by contacting customer service.  

2. Once a voting form is sumitted, no changes can be made.

3. DollHearts reserves the final decision on this competition and all matters related to the competition.

4. Participants must make use their works are original creations and not plagiarized or infringing the copyrights of others. In case there are any legal disputes arise regarding copyrights issue, the responsibility should be borne by the participants.

5. Participants give permission for their artwork to be shared on any of our social media platforms, used in publicity and promotional materials as well as grant us the right to produce product(s) base on their artwork with no extra compensation other than the prizes stated.

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